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Skull meaning

Skull tattoo designs have been widespread since ancient times and their popularity has increased lately. More and more people tend to choose them, and this tendency is characteristic of different countries. So, a question arise ? why do people so often prefer skull tattoo designs? Certainly, skull tattoos look fashionable. But it isn’t the only reason. The answer is much deeper. These tattoo designs appear to have plenty of historical meanings which vary a lot in different cultures and societies. Because of this variety of implications a skull tattoo design usually has an individual meaning for its owner.

A skull is considered to be a sign of death. Well, these tattoo designs do reveal the shortness of people’s life. But there is something else in them. The person wearing a skull tattoo design wants to show that he realizes the inevitability of death and that he isn't afraid of it. No one would deny that bravery is really needed to make such a tattoo and people most often demonstrate their bravery by choosing it for them.

Latin America is supposed to be the place of origin of skull tattoos. There is an ancient holiday in Mexico ? the Day of the Dead. On this day people gather to remember their relatives and friends who are already dead. A skull is a traditional symbol of this holiday because in the past the Indians believed that skull tattoo designs protected from death.

Nowadays skull tattoo pictures express several different meanings. First of all, this tattoo is more often a symbol of power and strength for modern people. Then, we can find a skull symbol practically in every religion and it has frightened people since the dawn of time. The well known combination ? a skull with bones ? is a pirate sign. These skull tattoos are usually regarded as signs of freedom. Choosing them people demonstrate that the greatest value for them is freedom. It’s a choice of those who have little or no respect for norms or even laws of the society.

 Skull tattoo designs appear to be especially popular with young people. For them they are symbols of their independence. No wonder skull tattoo designs appeal to so many young people and are more often made.

Styles in which skull tattoo designs are made are also different and there are a lot of them. Can you boast of having a strong will? Then you can accentuate it with a skull in fire pattern. If you are fond of risk, this tattoo design is also for you.

Earlier only men made skull tattoos, but today the situation is quite different. More and more women choose skull tattoo designs to be printed on them. As a result of this popularity new skull tattoo patterns have been developed, the so called ladies’ skull tattoos, for example, a skull with roses.

Skull tattoo images are usually thought to be rather aggressive. But they may be symbols of changes as well. In some cultures, for instance, if a person wants to change his whole life, he will prefer a skull tattoo image. It’s up to you to decide what tattoo pattern to choose, but you should remember that the best choice is always a tattoo image with an individual meaning.

:: New collection 3D skull watch ::

Be rock with our 3 original and creative models of analog watches with a 3D skull integrated inside the dial.
A steampunk inspired watch for men with a bold design.

stainless steel black watch men's


Be class and rock at once with this skull spirit skull black rock skull watch in the dial stainless steel watch 100% stainless guaranteed

dark watch with gold skull head


Be classy and rebel with this Skull Spirit rock gold skull watch in the dial.
Stainless steel watch 100% stainless guaranteed

stainless steel watch men's


Be classy and punk with this skull spirit biker silver skull watch in the dial.
Stainless steel watch 100% stainless guaranteed

Useful information

- Luxury design dial with high quality finishes
- 3ATM / 30 m resistant to cold water (does not support hot water)
- Hours of posting
- Housing material: stainless steel
- Bracelet material: high quality stainless steel mesh belt

- Diameter of the case: 44mm
- Case thickness: 12mm
- Band length: 240mm
- Bandwidth: 22mm

Included in the package:
- 1 x watch
- 1 x box
- 1 x guarantee card

Delivery followed within 8 to 14 days.

waterproof watch with skull head

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Our 3D skull watch (dimensions) are in stainless steel 100% stainless, they are designed to be waterproof (waterproof) for everyday use.

A luxurious style impeccable!
Our 3D skull watches on the inside of the dial are set on a solid stainless steel solid stainless steel push-button bracelet that is composed of detachable links. This style of watch is also suitable for men with a more classic style of dress.
black skull watch on male wrist

black wrist watch
rock men tatoo with watch

The look of the month!
A custom punk or gothic style with our big skeleton 3D spirit rock watches.
They are perfect for men with a rebel or hard rock style.
Nevertheless, these watches will also be suitable for men with a more classic look who want to add a touch of rock to their favorite outfits.
From: Loch Ness

The skull watch a great gift idea

Or buy a real skull watch online for a gift?

How to find an original quartz sport watch to offer a young man of 20, 30 or 40 years old ? Are you looking for a gift idea for a loved one? Today, a purchase without moving, it is possible, thanks to the online shopping sites of special gifts, countless new models of watches for new men or cheap occasions await you. The most famous skull watch brands are: Richard Mille rm052 skull replica (like the one from Rohff or Nadal), Cheap watches sold on aliexpress or amazon such as the following brands: Lab, Doodle, Gimto, Lofenlli, Skone , Mood, Astarsport, John Johnsen, Skeleton ... Generally deliveries are made at home very quickly. In addition, these sites give you inspiration in case you have trouble deciding. And this is in the concern to offer the best gifts both original and personalized. But finding a watch with a death head integrated into the dial for a man with a rock and modern look is not an easy thing, because many online stores offer cheap prices. This time, try to buy a skull death watch on our shop and know that it is the most practical way but especially the most safe. Indeed, you will find with us a delivery service, as well as a quality customer relationship that can meet the level of service you are looking for. In this case, you just have to choose and buy one of our skull watch model. Know that the watch is one of the most popular gift ideas for men. It's a present that you can offer at any occasion of the year: Christmas, birthday, Valentine's day, retirement ...


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